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Software projects

Jumpman (I, II)

First games truly written by me. A man goes through a number of levels, collecting money and avoiding traps. Versions differ mainly in graphics.

The Mighty One

The best piece I've ever written in QuickBasic. A character controlled by the player fulfills quests in a fantastic environment. This RPG has story, quests, spells, fighting, skills, items like weapons, potions and magical stuff, different enemies and allies. For an unknown reason it's really slow under DOSBox.


Can display functions' graphs and count their points of intersection by approximation. Sure there are many similar programs.


My first 3D game. Players control their planes and can fight in three different game modes: DeathMatch, Team DeathMatch and Capture the Cube. Why cube? Because it's easily rendered.


A user creates a progress diagram which can explain basics of programming. The program may then be simulated. It's also possible to export it to a Pascal or Delphi Console source code.

The Mighty One II

An attempt to convert old Mighty One to 3D, but it's far less elaborate and somewhat slow.


A result of my collision with Java. Game communicates over external universal UDP server. Nice game, I suppose it's playable.


Game with tunneler-like principles, but much more customizable, much more elaborate with network game and programmable artificial inteligence of computer players.